10 thoughts on ““All Hallow’s Eve””

  1. This really gets me in the mood for Halloween – one of my top 5 favorite holidays! Adam and I co-host a Halloween party in the East Village every year. What better place to celebrate? Yes and we dress up too. *grin* Thank you always for your poetry and prose. This made my Thursday afternoon. Hugs!

    1. Halloween is high on my list as well. The past few years we haven’t done up the house like we normally do, but my girls were away at school and well…

      Since childhood I’ve loved dressing up and pretending I was someone else. I would LOVE to see the East Village on Halloween. I’ve spent a Halloween in Westwood on the UCLA campus ~ THAT was fun!

      I’m glad you enjoyed this!!! Hugs to you…

      1. Ha Ha! Would love to know what your choice is for Halloween attire this year. We’re going as Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. You guys are welcome to come if it works out some year. Would LOVE to hear about the UCLA campus experience!

        Well it’s officially the weekend here on the East Coast. I’m going to wind down now and hope you can soon do the same. Always a pleasure and looking forward to the next blog from the Super Wordsmith! (Still working on making that sound more supehero-like…) Best – T

  2. I love it. I think I must see Halloween in the USA. Here in Germany it´s only…well I think it´s different. LOL.

    Thanks my friend. It´s really wonderful.


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