Gimme Five with Author/Artist Elicia Seawell

Gimme Five

GIMMEFIVE celebrates the independent artist.  Each week our guest will answer five questions and be the subject of a YOU HAIKU.  Our spotlight will give you an inside look into the mind of an artist.  Be sure to check out their work, and tell them Greg sent you…

This week ~

Elicia Seawell | Author, Artist, Friend

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I’ve only known Elicia for a short period of time, but she has been an amazing champion of me and my work since the beginning.  She is a selfless promoter, with a wonderful heart and an amazing talent.  Check out her blog and her books. 

Until then, GimmeFive!

What inspired your latest project?

My new book “Peach River Acres”, releasing in December, was inspired by the haunting statistics of PTSD in troops returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. I wanted to show the toll that this traumatic mental health disease could have not only on the person suffering from it but also the impact that it can have on the family support team.

Why did you become an ARTIST?

I love creating. My childhood was spent coloring or using my imagination for playing on our farm. Unlike most children of today, I had trees, dirt and woods for my playground and growing up on a farm gave me the creativity that I have today. I love nature and I draw a lot of inspiration from that.

Who is your favorite fictional character and why?

My favorite fictional character is Trisha from Stephen King’s The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. It may seem like an odd choice of character but considering what she had to overcome in the book, I absolutely adore her. Trisha found herself lost in the woods with only a few things to keep her alive. She confronts a bear, her own sanity and trying to stay alive and finds herself looking up to her favorite baseball player, Tom Gordon, who’s spirit keeps her alive.

If you were a spy, what would your codename be?

I have the most awesome nickname from a coworker of mine so I would have to choose it for sure: Captain Dirty Bubbles. It came from smelling a bottle of bubbles at work one day and they were horrible. I nearly gagged and since then, that’s been my nickname.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

I’m working towards my degree as a criminal psychologist. I want to see if I can handle the pressure of working every day with the criminally insane.
Elicia Seawell | The You Haiku by Greg Morton               

She is very kind

With an unusual mind

But loving, you’ll find
Thanks to Elicia Seawell for being a part of the independent artist spotlight.  Know an independent singer, writer, artist?  Send an email suggestion and we’ll try and include them on GimmeFive!

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