U.S.S. Imagination

“Mommy, Mommy I don’t want to read

I want to sit and watch t.v.

On the couch with channel two

Laugh and see the best cartoons


But this show is old, it is a re-run

And I’m bored because I’ve seen this one

Mommy what am I supposed to do

When there’s nothing to watch on the tube?”


My mommy said with a smile real wide

“If you are bored, then play outside.”

So out I went and up a tree

And I was surprised at what I could see


But I got bored again, so I scurried down

Then decided to ride my bike around

I raced like the wind to the park

But no one was there, and it wasn’t even dark

Where have all the adventures gone?

I wondered as I peddled home


Back at home and something was weird

My mom had gone and disappeared

“Hey sis,” I said. “Where is mom?”

I asked her as I bounced around

She told me mom had things to do

And that she would return real soon


Still I was bored so I grabbed the remote

But each channel had the same as before

Then the door opened wide and my mother walked in

With a handful of books and the same wide grin


“I brought you adventures!” she said with a wave

“A new, far off place on every page.”

“Reading!” I said.  “I do that in school!

And that stuff is boring, and not very cool.”


“Boring, huh? Like you’ve been all day?

Read a few books and then go out and play.”

I picked up the books and stomped to my bed

These books would just sit there and never be read


But boredom came back and I’d had enough

And I saw that the books had pirates and stuff

So I opened a cover and started a page

And before I had realized I was taken away

Into the stars with sword fights and heroes

This reading is FUN, and not just for zeroes!


It took me all week, but I finished the tale

And then ran outside and started to yell

“Ahoy Mateys!  I’m in search of the gold

You’ll all walk the plank unless its secret is told.”

I climbed that old tree like the mast of a sail

Then I saw through the park a new pirate trail


So I hopped on my bike…oops I mean boat

And I peddled real fast to find the lost coast

What did I find through the trees big and stout?

The boys from my school in a pirate hideout


Our moms had all told us to read and go play

And now I was having an incredible day!

My imagination was full of ideas from a book

Now I’ll always have fun, ‘cause I know where to look.

9 thoughts on “U.S.S. Imagination”

  1. Wonderful poem Greg and a gentle lesson to litle children who get lost on the internet. Playing and reading are two of my favorite things! (Um…and this reminds me that I really need to get started on reading that book for my next book club…*grin*.)

    1. Ha ha ha…well get reading girl! 🙂 Thanks for your comments, my friend. Reading is such a huge part of the lives of me and my family. Oh, and I’m a writer, so that’s kind of important too! I thought I’d put together something that WAS a fun reminder of the power of reading! I’m glad you liked it…

  2. For all those readers out there that seek and find whatever they’re looking for on each page, they will appreciate your magnificent poem. For those that don’t, hopefully it will be an inspiration to pick up a book and find all the imagination, adventure, hopes and dreams that live inside. Beautifully written ❤

  3. Gonna translate it for my boy! That poem is so wonderful and so true.
    Can’t wait for my boy to lurn to read too.
    He already loves pirates!
    Thanks for sharing your talent and bring on some adventures in my life 🙂

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