There is Nothing to Writing…

For me, there are no other truths in the creative process than the above quote by Hemingway.

The act of writing transforms the writer into a mere messenger, baring his or her soul onto the page one keystroke at a time.

The process becomes both sin and salvation.

It becomes the land between our dreams that tortures, ridicules and humiliates.

Writing threatens to tear us apart, revealing every fiber of our deepest fears.

It threatens, but it never succeeds.

For ultimately writing saves us.

It becomes our holy ground, the only place left we feel safe and secure.

We sit in the chair to write and bleed.

We bleed.

And then we heal.




6 thoughts on “There is Nothing to Writing…”

    1. I know artists in other mediums that give themselves completely to their craft. Their soul, blood, sweat and tears show in their work. The only difference I’ve seen between their work and mine is that art doesn’t play mind games with them. Writing does that…or at least as the ability to do that. Writing gets into your very psyche and takes control. It can be a mixed bag…

      Thanks for taking the time to stop in and comment!!!

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