The First Step is the Hardest

There are many variations of the quote, but the essential meaning I’d like to convey is this;

“The first step is the hardest.”

I’m intimately aware of this fact.  I smoked cigarettes for years.   It was something I inherited from my parents, who had both begun smoking in an age when smoking was considered cool and hip.  So I grew up in a house of smokers, and naturally I became one as well.

This isn’t a post or commentary on smoking, other than to say that quitting was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  No one can deny the health risks, including me.

Personally, I felt like it was a crutch.  A vice that had me firmly in its grip.  The psychological aspect of smoking is what bothered me the most, actually.  I was ashamed that I let something have that kind of control over me.  But needless to say, quitting wasn’t easy.

I smoked for fifteen years, and I had probably tried to quit for at least ten of those years.  Sometimes I made serious attempts, but often it was just a desire.  I needed to commit.

In 2003, at the age of thirty I finally decided enough was enough.

I’m happy to say that in October of this year I will be celebrating nine years smoke free.  It is a personal accomplishment that I’m quite proud of because that first step was the hardest.  Of course now I couldn’t ever imagine going back, but that’s the nice thing about the first step being the hardest…it only gets easier.  I’m also happy to say that both of my parents have been smoke free for a number of years.  My brother smoked as well, and was actually the first of the family to quit.

I wanted to share this post for a number of reasons.  First, smoking is disgusting (okay, I might make a small commentary on smoking).  Secondly, I wanted to recognize that people are accomplishing seemingly impossible tasks every day.

If they can, so can I.  So can you.

The first step was the hardest.  It was scary and challenging and difficult.  But I did it and I’m happier because it did. I marked the occasion by following a dream.  Long before I was falling down mountains, writing books or sharing my life online I was designing t-shirts.

Formula : Sport was my first attempt to following my dreams.  It was the precursor to me living a balanced life.  The seeds of Morton Design Works were borne within my early efforts.  I saw in 2003 a need for sports themed apparel to have a fun, positive perspective.  I see a need for that in the world today.

My goal was to have a creative outlet for my ideas.  But my goal was also to celebrate the healthy choices in my life, and the steps that I’d taken to commit to those choices.  I wanted something to show for my decisions.  I wanted a legacy that represented my dreams of a positive, happy and healthy life.  Today, I know that it is a balanced life.

You will see links on this website for the Formula : Sport online store.  I invite you to check out the designs…I’d love to hear what you think!  If you’d like you can share it with friends or even buy something too!

Most importantly to me, I’d like for you to see the Formula : Sport logo as a reminder that we have the strength within us to change unhappy or unhealthy parts of our lives.  And when we do, we owe it to ourselves to go after our dreams and make them a reality.

It’s true, that first step is the hardest.   For me, I have something to show for that difficult first step.  Formula : Sport continues to be my reminder that it wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

If you have something you’re struggling with, keep persevering.  I know you can do it, and I can’t wait to help you celebrate making that first step!

4 thoughts on “The First Step is the Hardest”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Greg. It´s really fantastic what you did.
    I love what you write and if it´s personal…wow…I´m really impressed.

    Wish you great day my friend. Hugs 🙂

  2. you are so amazing! I know now why I was meant to find you. Thank you for sharing such personal things with us. You are awesome Greg!

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