I’ve Been Staring at a Blank Page for Three Days

I’ve been staring at a blank page for three days.


What do I write?  What am I thinking?  What was I thinking?  Such are the conversations in my head.  The never ending conversations.  Well, okay.  Sometimes they’re arguments, and I lose…but does it count if I lose an argument to myself?

I’m still wondering.

And maybe I wasn’t being completely truthful.  I’ve only been staring at a blank page for a short period of time.  I had actually sat down Monday morning to write, and finished about a page and a half.  Not exactly blank space.  And maybe “finished” is a misnomer.  See, this is how I lose arguments with myself…

I had an amazing day on Sunday.  I got to meet some wonderful people in person that I’ve met online.  And I got to see an old friend.  This is already reading like the last words I wrote.  On another page.  No longer blank space.  The problem was I couldn’t finish my thought.  Or maybe I was self conscious about the thought I was having.  Sometimes I want to question things and discuss them and get them out in the universe to share.  Sometimes I want to laugh and have fun and not think.  Creatively, I need to be somewhere in the middle.

Consider this a true journal entry.  Normally I write this type of thing out long hand on paper.  Today I’m staring at a screen.  Trying to flush the thoughts.  I’m preoccupied.  This will have to do.

It is another case of needing something, but not knowing what that is.  When all else fails, write a poem…

Full of adventure
Down a trail
I followed a dream
Along the rail

Hopped on a train
And whisked away
Full of joy
To a life at play

Beyond the mountains
Beyond the plains
To another dream
Aboard a train

Sure, it’s not “Ode to a Grecian Urn”, but now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Now I can start my day.  I’ve learned over time that I am always inspired.  Always.  But often I’m challenged with seeing the inspiration before me.  I wonder if my inherent Capricorn procrastination is at play during times like this.  My parents should have hatched me in November. Scorpio.  They don’t have these problems, do they?

Sure they do.  And now I’m back to having arguments with myself.  At least now I’m not staring at a blank page…



9 thoughts on “I’ve Been Staring at a Blank Page for Three Days”

  1. As a scorpio I tell you they do! I loved your poem. 🙂 As I’m trying to make a big life change, it inspired me because this is what I want to do, not by train by chance but by car across the country. You are so fortunate to be so creative!

    1. Thanks Jodee! I hope you achieve your goals of changing your life. I’d love to hear your story, I make for a great cheerleader!! You are always welcome to email me at info (at) mortondesignworks (dot) com if there is anything you’d like to discuss “offline”. Good luck to you…and always, always, always thank you for your support!!

      Oh, and I know all too well about Scorpios. My wife is one. 😉

  2. KNEW you would fill your “blank” page in some shape or form. Your writing ALWAYS brings a smile to my face or gives me something to think about or chew on as it were.

    Being one of those online people you met in person on Sunday was a wonderful experience for me as well, dear Greg.

    You are a truly special person. Glad to KNOW you & glad you are in my life.

    Hugs to you & the misses, Dava

    1. Thanks for the comment on the poem! But I might have to disagree with you about nothing ever really being blank. I walked into my office today and forgot why I came in here. It’s safe to say my mind was a total blank…ha ha ha!!

      1. OK, I have to agree with you; the same has happened to me. I can remember something that happened when I was five but not why I went from one room to the other. It’s either a). Sometimer’s disease or b). Overcrowding of the mind magic. Ha! Have a great day, Greg. I always enjoy your posts.

  3. Have you ever thought about putting together a discussion group? A pondering group? Maybe meet twice a month or once a month. 😀

    1. The short answer? Yes. I’m actually working on putting together something now along those lines…

      I don’t know if you were serious or not, but I hope to make an announcement before too long. Are you interested?

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