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The past few weeks I’ve sent out letters seeking Sponsorship for my work.   In the coming weeks more letters will be sent.  I’d like to spend a minute, if I may, explaining my recent project, my goal of Sponsorship, the purpose of the letters and maybe even get your help.

The Project

I have recently completed a non-fiction book titled “Off Balance” that is tentatively scheduled for release in late June 2012.  This is completely different from what I’ve published thus far as an author, but remains in line with my goals and values as an artist and as a person.  It is a very personal project on several levels.

In January of 2008 I was air-lifted off of the side of mountain while alpine climbing with my best friend.  It was a harrowing experience, and while I am most fortunate to have not been hurt, I am even more fortunate for the impact it has had on my life.  In the years following my rescue, I’ve been asked by a number of people to share my experience.  For me, it is a very relevant story, as it was the catalyst to my choosing to be a writer as a vocation.  It was the inspiration for my first book.

But the experiences and lessons I have to share don’t simply begin and end with that fateful day on the mountain.  I’ve been lucky and blessed to have experienced many wonderful things in my life that I’d like to share.  I’ve also been blessed with the ability to communicate through a unique voice with the written word.  As a result, I wrote this autobiography of sorts.

“Off Balance” begins with my life as an actor on television, and follows my life through stories of inspiration, challenges and lessons learned along the way.  This first act, if you will, is called Learning to Walk.  The second act of the book deals with the challenges I faced on the mountain on January 19th, 2008 and the days following.  I was spared physical harm, but was still in need of an emotional rescue.   To say the least, I was Off Balance, but not deterred.  In fact, quite the opposite.  While dealing with the emotional aftermath of my rescue, I discovered that the love of my friends and family and writing had saved my life.

In the years since I have found Balance in my life.  I have a passion to share that balance with you, to share my experiences, the lessons learned and the rules I now live my life by.  It is my hope that you will laugh with me, be entertained by my journey of youthful arrogance and maybe even find an “ah-ha” moment as I share my adult reflections.  But by no means is this the end…

This is just the beginning.  Not only do I want to share my life, I want to start the conversation about our lives in balance.  The structure and style of this book are a culmination of twenty years in business management motivating others.  The lessons and rules included are functional in both my personal and professional life.  It is why I have such balance.  Which leads me to Sponsors.

The Goal of Sponsorship

My goal of sponsorship is to raise money to produce and market the book, and to spread its message of positivity and perseverance.  My intention is to build relationships with the organizations whose products, vision or spirit I value.  In the letters, I’m not asking for a single cent.  What I’m asking is for those companies to learn more about me.  I’ve told them why I sent the letter; I’ve been as honest with them as I am with you.  The style of the letter is a little unorthodox, I admit, but I guess that’s just me…bound to change the perspective.   If my style appeals to them and they are intrigued, I have asked they contact me and we can continue the conversation.

In requesting this “Corporate Sponsorship”, there is a time sensitive consideration –

The plan is to publish “Off Balance” near the end of June.  Sponsorship agreements made between now and then will get their company’s name included in the book and in marketing.  It is an added bonus to the other “perks” of sponsorship.   Late June is a soft date due to other factors.  Future announcements will be made updating the release.

I’d LOVE Your Help…

You can be a part of sponsorship as well.

I am completely content driven.  It is my goal to produce high quality material for you to enjoy.

I have a personal mission statement to tell stories.  To take people on a journey they’ve never been before, to open up new perspectives and have a lot of fun doing it.

If you’d like to share in that journey, your donations would go a long way in making the impossible…possible.  You’ll be supporting the arts.  You’ll be taking an active role in the publishing and creative process.   But more than that, you’ll be participating in creating something very special.

And there are rewards for sponsorship!  Hey…I’m not just asking something for nothing.  As a show of my appreciation, four levels of “Individual Sponsorship” will receive a personalized thank you detailed on the Sponsorship page on this website.

But please remember, any donation will be wildly appreciated!  I understand times are tough right now.  A lot of little somethings add up to one great big something!!

Maybe You Can Pass It On

Can’t do a donation today?  No worries.  Like I said, I understand times are tough.  But maybe you can still help.  Do you know of a business that might be interested in the book?  How about a team or club?  Maybe you have a friend that has been talking to you about needing something special…something different.

You could certainly help by passing this information along.

Maybe that organization, school or business would like some copies of the book or would like to sponsor an author who specializes in that “something different”.  When people talk about “out of the box” thinking, this is it!  Not only are the books available, but I’m also available for hire for presentations covering the themes in the book.

Today…and Beyond

As I mentioned, this is just the beginning.   I started with a single word on a blank page, and turned it into a tale of action and adventure.  From there, the dream has spread.  In the coming months and years, Morton Design Works will begin stages of development on short films, animations and more with the help of some extremely talented artists.

But I need your help to continue to produce entertaining, engaging and thought provoking content.

Getting Started

There are two ways to get started.  If you are interested in donating to support me and my work, but aren’t interested in receiving anything in return…first let me tell you that you ROCK!  Then let me tell you to head to the Donations page on this website and click on the “donate” button.  Your contribution is appreciated!

If you are interested in becoming more involved as an Individual Sponsor, please contact me by clicking HERE.

Tell me a little about yourself, and why you’d like to participate.  Remember, this is the beginning of the conversation.  You can learn more about different levels of Individual Sponsorship by heading over to that page here on the website.

If you are interested in learning more about “Corporate Sponsorships”, please include that in your email.  There is still time to get included on the “perks” of being a corporate sponsor.


I want to say in advance that I appreciate your support.  If you’re reading this announcement, there’s a good chance you’ve read something of mine before and have chosen to come back.  It brings me great joy to continue to make up new characters, new worlds and new adventures and I’m glad you’re along for the ride.  I hope you enjoy it!!



8 thoughts on “Help Support the Arts”

  1. Love you Greg and I’m so excited for your book! Is there like a for the written word? There should be as there are so many talented writers out there!

    1. Authors can use Kickstarter to fund a project, actually. I seriously considered going through them, but I wanted to give MORE. I’m looking for long term relationships that don’t stop at one project. I’m really excited to see how many people I can get to join in this adventure!!

      I’d really appreciate you forwarding this on to anyone you know. I’d like to get as many people as possible to see it!

      Thanks for your support Jodee!! Have a fantastic weekend…

  2. Greg, this sounds like an amazing story. I cannot wait to read about your experiences. I hope you hear back from every single letter that you mail out. Wishing you all the best. Good luck with your efforts. Keep writing!

    1. Thanks Dava!! I can’t begin to tell you what your support means. I’m so happy to share my experiences, to make people laugh and hopefully make people think a little too. This entire adventure is only worthwhile if I get to share it with others!! Thanks for being a part of it all…

  3. Dear Greg,

    We need more stories like this and I for one cannot wait to read yours. I hope you can get all the sponsorship you need and that corporations will see the value in how adversity can inspire motivation and genius.

    Best of luck and all positive intent to you – Tami

  4. WOW! I’ll have to return to read again and to give more thought. I’ve bookmarked it . Best of luck …. I’ll be back! 😉

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