Enter Title Here…

I’ve started a post, one hundred times

I’ve written some words, I’ve written some rhymes

I’ve hated it all, I’ve stomped and I’ve cried

Well, not with real tears but you know that I tried

I’ve brewed up some coffee, and then brewed up some more

I finished it up and then went to the store

Got lost in the aisles, forgot why I came

Went back to the house, embroiled in shame

I needed to post, a post full of wit

But I only end up with a post full of…words that don’t make sense

I’ve tried to be jolly, I’ve tried to be cool

I’ve tried to find meaning amongst all the drool




GREAT…now I’m pretentious, using intellectual words

Where I don’t know the meaning and I just sound absurd

I was once sarcastic and often quite clever

But today I’m just sad and feeling under the weather

Well, that’s not true either, I’m just finding rhymes

Because I’m stuck in a block and it’s me against time

So I should have just said at the start of this poem

That I can’t find a muse to really get going

I’m out of ideas.  There…I said it

It’s out in the universe, I can’t ever undo it

I can’t find my spark, my lightning, my zing

The pages are blank, I can’t write a thing

My life is in shambles, all hope has been lost

Oops, nope.  I found it!  It was still in the wash.

My ideas have returned!  Creativity!  Inspiration!

Now…what did I do with that darn Motivation?



(c) 2012 by Greg Morton ~ All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “Enter Title Here…”

    1. Thanks Gina!! Often when I feel a little “stuck” I return to grabbing a pen and scribbling on a page. It’s not a very sophisticated technique, but I’ve ended up with some fun stuff in the past.

      After not having anything post worthy, I thought at least I could post about not having any thing post worthy…


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