The Tea Party

photo by no milk no cry
photo by no milk no cry

With honey and milk
I shall write a tea haiku
Fill my vintage cup
But I botched a tea party limerick
The meter and rhyme all for naught
So I shuttered the style
At least for a while
And held court over words with a draught
Earl Grey, I shall invite thee to haiku
The Lord of the manor come
And so, with grace, Lady Londonberry too
So my tea party is not me alone
Irish Breakfast
Can come
But only if he leaves
His friend
At home
(that guy always breaks something)
So there alas, I’ve written a prose
Of a morning with tea, in a style that I chose
And I’ve conquered the words, nobody can stop me
Now off to new poems while I finish my coffee…

Poem Copyright (c) 2012 by Greg Morton

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