I Think That I’ll Stay Young Today

I think that I’ll stay young today

I’m thirty nine, is that okay?

I can still laugh and jump and run

I am just having way too much fun

I’ll join the good Doctor, Maurice and Shel

And whip up a whimsical, wonderful spell

I’ll conjure up silly words that will rhyme

And remember an even more magical time

I’ll continue to frolic and gaze at the stars

In this land full of misfits, where the wild things are…

(for Maurice)

Poem Copyright (c) 2012 Greg Morton ~ All Rights Reserved

25 thoughts on “I Think That I’ll Stay Young Today”

    1. You’re welcome Gina! I needed something to lift me up today. I’ve found myself emotionally connected in one way or another to past few celebrity deaths, which is VERY RARE for me. I needed to get past the suddenness of it all and get back to celebrating life! Thanks for stopping in…

      1. You’re not alone in experiencing the loss. And loss isn’t always death of the physicality. A lot of my friends and I have discussed this very thing lately and are wondering if it’s the reason we’ve all been crying a lot. Sometimes it just sweeps over me like a tidal wave so I’m thinking it’s a release of some old energies. Celebrating life and our constant flow of new gifts is wise right now. Thanks for pointing that out. Be well and stay blessed.

    1. Also, my web address didn’t take as I put in two urls. They both lead to one another, so I’ll repair the link with this post. Thank you for always brightening my day, Greg.

      1. Thanks, Greg! I am having a great week – getting to do the skill sets my degrees prepared me for – in other words, being a professional performing artist. : ) Thanks in advance for taking a look and my website. What I posted was my blog site. There is a link on it to my professional website as well. Have an inspiring rest of your day!

  1. Great tribute. Not sure how you feel about it, but when someone like Mr. Sendak passes away, its almost like a piece of your childhood goes too. Very strange feeling.

    Very nice work.

    1. Thanks Jason! It is like losing a piece of my childhood for sure. But he and Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein and a few others were (and remain) some of my literary heroes. I know, I know…I could have chosen Hemingway or Tolstoy or someone more “literary”, but I didn’t. I think it’s much more difficult to capture this kind of magic, and have such a broad appeal. I almost feel like Sendak’s death was a message to me that I’ve got work to do to keep the spirit of that type of creativity alive. Especially in today’s world of instant gratification and low brow humor. I was saddened, without a doubt, but a part of me also feels empowered.

      Thanks so much for your kind words…

      1. Ha ha ha…at least one! Funny how this is all coming out while I’m working on edits for my next book. I’ve always seen myself as the ACTION writer, but it is hard for me to not love the fantasy/adventure of books like “Where the Wild Things Are”. I get lost in that world all over again and feel like a kid…

      1. Ha ha ha…Bill, this happens to me all the time.

        I clap at something I wrote and it wakes my wife up.

        She just doesn’t appreciate total genius at 2 AM….

    1. Thank you! The good Doctor was certainly one of my favorites. Who didn’t love him? But still, his influence (as well as Shel Silverstein) is MOST apparent in my work. More on that later…

      Thanks for stopping in, and for the applause. The applause never gets old. 🙂 Hope today is amazing for you!!!!

  2. I was horrified to discover, when I mentioned his death, that many of my students do not know Sendak and his books. Then I remembered many of them read little and I suspect were not read to much either when small. If they only knew what they have been missing. Sad.

    1. That is disappointing. But I try to remember how I was a youth, and how reading was sporadic at times. I didn’t become interested in some of the classics in literature or arts or even movies or music until later in life. I guess I’m somewhat of a late bloomer.

      All we can do is encourage reading, encourage keeping an open mind to the arts and hope that teen angst eventually gives way to an appreciation for the creative spirit.

      Thanks for commenting Juliana!!!

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