When All You Really Want Is Only What You Really Need


I’ve had a lot of “perfect days”.  At home, at work, on vacation.  With friends and alone.  It has always been a matter of living in the moment.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Not a moment missed.  Each passing tick of the clock was savored and enjoyed.

We spent most of the day in Pasadena on a walking tour of early 20th Century Craftsman Bungalows, joined by our neighbors.  We worked up quite an appetite, and followed up the tour with a cool, relaxing and very refreshing lunch in a local bistro.

The late afternoon my wife and I spent together working on projects she wants to begin.  Her excitement and enthusiasm remain infectious.  Our work to achieve some very simple goals carried us into the evening.  We even managed to watch a little of a baseball game on television.

It was a simple day.  Perfect for being outside and perfect for being with the ones you love most.  Very reminiscent of life in the early 20th Century when plumbers and accountants were coming out to California to build quaint little homes, complete with a large porch so they could visit with their neighbors.

As I drink my Monday Morning Coffee, I’m going to try and carry that simplicity into my week.  Still lots to do.  In fact, maybe even a little more, now that I’m filled with the inspiration and motivation of a happy, simple life.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week…

9 thoughts on “When All You Really Want Is Only What You Really Need”

    1. It’s not easy, but when it happens it’s AWESOME! Don’t you agree? Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to comment…I appreciate it!!! Hope you have a fantastic week…

    1. My pleasure. I’m happy to have the opportunity to put down my thoughts and I’m even happier to be able to share with you. Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to comment!!

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