Jake The Bear

Guest Post by Jake The Bear

Jake The Bear

I’m just your regular bear.  I’m loyal and loving and am always a good listener. I love to snuggle and travel.

This past weekend I had the chance to go rock climbing in the California desert.  I LOVE rock climbing!

Bouldering is FUN!

Saturday morning we had gotten up and eaten breakfast before heading out.  The day was warm in the sun, but with a steady breeze it got chilly at times.  Thank goodness I had my fur coat!

Amazing views

Rock climbing isn’t as easy as I make it look.  Remember, I’m an outdoors guy.  I’ve got years and years of experience.  Plus, I’m stronger than most (I am a bear, after all).  Don’t try this at home unless you’ve practiced with someone who is experienced.

Vertical faces can be challenging

My paws and claws were tired, but it was worth it!


After a little more scrambling it was time to rest in the shade.  We didn’t stop long, too many fun and interesting things to see.

Taking a breather

There were some amazing plants to see, like the Red Barrel cactus and Beavertail cactus.

Bear with Beavertail Cactus

Very artistic, don’t you think?

We had to hit the road, though, still more to see out in the desert.

The roads are long and empty. Why else would I be sitting in the middle?

Rock climbing in the desert is great, but when you think of desert you think of sand dunes, right?  Me too.  So our trip wouldn’t be complete without trodding through the sand to get a picture.

It was HOT!

The Kelso Sand Dunes are the second highest but most extensive sand dunes in California.  Pretty neat, huh?  Even though the temperature of the day was in the high sixties, the sun reflecting off of the sand made walking through the dunes very, very hot.  I wouldn’t have wanted to be stranded out there for days at a time!

Me and my hot momma!

Toward the end of the day we found ourselves on Historic Route 66.  It was amazing to be out in the middle of nowhere and think about how Route 66 used to be the only road out to the west.  It was great to be close to such history, on the road home.

Thanks Greg Morton for letting me be a guest blogger, and to you for letting me share my adventure!  I have more adventures I’d like to share.  Click HERE and visit my Facebook page.  You can “Like” me to keep up on all of my latest adventures.  Hope to see you there!

11 thoughts on “Jake The Bear”

  1. Gina, did you check out Jake’s page? He’s a great guy and has been my constant companion for almost 30 years! Since I know Greg probably won’t, I’ll be sure to give Jake the hug you’re sending.

  2. Dear Jake,
    Wow! It looks like you had so much fun on your little adventure to the desert! I loved seeing all the pictures you took. I hope you get to enjoy many more adventures in the future! And maybe we could go on a trip to McDonalds again sometime soon.

    Your Friend,

    Chesh the Cat

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