Road Noise

I love taking walks.

A deep wooded glen.  Along a babbling stream, lazy as a summer afternoon.

A stream from snow.

High on a mountaintop.

I love taking walks.

On an alpine canyon ridge where the winter wind howls through the pine.

The wind.

From another land so far, far away.

I like the sound.

The natural sound.

Like an ocean beach, on a crisp fall early morning.  I am surrounded by the thunderclap of waves pounding the sand.

Waves from storms.

Storms from thousands of miles away…

I love being immersed in the sound, sometimes loud and thunderous and other times peaceful and nearly quiet.  Nearly quiet except for the sound of bees buzzing or birds chirping or squirrels playing games in the trees.

I love taking walks that soothe the ear and remind me how dynamic our world really is.

Beyond the road noise…

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