The Ice is Blue

I am a dreamer, poetic grace

I gaze upon this place

And steal away a lonely hour


Dusty roads, brown and stone

Filter through away from home

Alone I trod the peaceful mile


My tea is black

And all my life I’ve been held back

The sky’s alight with orange and red


The cold comes on like sweet despair

Joy will never be as near

Leave me with my boot and axe


Each step lands before the next

Before the rest

I am lost beyond my folly


Each moment more is a life set free

This place and me

The ice is blue and blue and blue


(copyright 2012 greg morton, all rights reserved)

8 thoughts on “The Ice is Blue”

  1. My friend,

    this is beautiful…You can subscribe thinks that´s amazing. I love what you do. Thanks for let us know what you really can.

    Take care and all the best. Your friend, Mel

    1. Thanks Mel. This is one of my favorite poems of mine that I’ve written. For me, all of my poems are very personal, but some mean more than others.

      I’m really, really glad that you like this particular one!!

      Thanks for your support and comments…

    1. WOW…I’m really glad you liked it. It’s a favorite of mine as well. Every once in a while I write one that takes on a level that I never thought possible. This is a special poem for me. Thanks for stopping by!!

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