Freedom to Find Adventure

What do you do when an incredibly talented singer/songwriter asks you to be in his music video?  You do it, of course!  Thanks to the passion and love my wife has for great music, we spent an awesome day in Venice Beach on yet another adventure.

Venice Beach

Ok…let me give you full disclosure.  It wasn’t like Tyrone Wells called us up and said “Hey guys, we haven’t talked in a while, how about you come down to Venice and hang with me?  Oh, and want to be in my music video?”

No, it didn’t happen like that.  My beautiful wife is a big fan of Tyrone’s and follows him on Facebook.  They were looking for fans to come out and be a part of his video for the song “Freedom”.  The call went out to all his fans.  Still, we answered the call.

Fans gathering on a gorgeous SoCal day

And so did about forty or so other fans.  It was great!  We got there early, met with the producer, filled out our “If some nut job from the boardwalk steps on you we’re not responsible” form (A.K.A. a liability waiver).  We waited, and then we gathered and received our instructions.


I don’t want to give anything away.  Once the video is up, I’ll repost it so you can see our fine work as extras.  We had to learn clapping.  Seriously, it was work people.

We met fellow music lovers, had a great afternoon in the sun at the beach, hung out with a talented artist, we got his autograph and a picture.  What more could you want for a Saturday afternoon?

Tyrone Wells

If you haven’t heard of Tyrone Wells, I very highly recommend getting an album (or all of them).  His song “More” was featured at the end of American Idol last week.  Pretty cool.  And even though he has some great success, he’s still an independent artist.  It’s great to support that. Even better, find out when he might be playing in your area and go see him live.  You’ll be glad you did.

FYI…I’m the short guy on the right.

Hey, my wife and I are all about the micro-adventure!  We’ve done so many, just thinking about them has gotten me all nostalgic.  All it takes is the effort to get up and get moving.  The freedom to find adventure!  Saturday was “planned spontaneity”, meaning we found out about it Thursday afternoon and scheduled it for Saturday.  Pretty good, right?

Another great adventure!

We had to drive a ways to do it, but the memory will last a lifetime.  Plus, who knows?  Maybe you’ll see our faces in the video and be forever immortalized in music history…

Ha ha ha, I doubt it too.

But we can dream right?

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