The Fury of the Bear

Hope all is well!  I’m gearing up for the release of my book on Amazon.  Thought I’d give you the tag/description.  Enjoy!!”

 When Bear Ryan and his mountain rescue team are approached by a beautiful and mysterious woman for a salvage job in the Andes Mountains, the recovery of a piece of paper at the site of a plane crash turns into an international treasure hunt and a race against forces of evil. 

 The Fury of the Bear is the first novel to feature Virgil “Bear” Ryan, a seasoned paramedic, sheriff’s deputy and mountain rescuer, and his tight knit team from Colorado.  A sixty year old plane crash in the Andes Mountains brings Elizabeth Rush, a well polished and well financed woman to their door, with a big job of salvaging the site, but very little information regarding its importance. The salvage of clues at the crash site has also put in motion The Fox, an expatriate American who makes his living in the dangerous world of high level espionage.  When their paths collide at high altitude, the race to find an ancient treasure results in an avalanche of action and adventure!

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