I Am an Explorer. I Am an Adventurer.

Explorer.  Adventurer.  These words conjure images from a time past.  A time when more of the world was unknown.  They conjure images of canvas rucksacks, of woolen knickers, of rugged men.  Men who fought Mother Nature at her finest, battling the elements and beasts to overcome.  Overcome the obstacles of failure.  The obstacles of death.  Though not long ago, the world then was different.

Today, little of the world is available for firsts.  First attempts have been made, first ascents have been accomplished.  Firsts have come before us, both successes and failures.  But there is still much to explore.

 The world is still full of rugged outback, and even today firsts are available.  Firsts for the individual.  Our own limits are yet to be explored.  We are still adventurers.  We can accomplish firsts for ourselves, and have great tales to tell.  Great lives to live.  Modest trails to technical peaks, Mother Nature continues to challenge us.  Continues to issue a gauntlet of element and beast.  Gauntlets of failure.  Gauntlets to be overcome.

 I am Hillary.  I am Amundsen.  Explorer, adventurer.  I stand atop a hill, a peak, a mountain and feel the exhilaration of accomplishment, the reward of effort.

 I am lost in Tolkien, in Verne, in Doyle.  The land surrounds me, it is majestic.  I climb to defeat evil, I roam to discover, I explore in search of adventure.

The world is still new…to me.

2 thoughts on “I Am an Explorer. I Am an Adventurer.”

  1. And it will continue to be “new to you” if you continue to view the world as an explorer. Here’s to hoping you have many “firsts” & “adventures” within your lifetime.

  2. Wow…this is…wonderful. You´ll have more adventures in your life…and this will be great! You´ve a amazing way to get your experience to paper.

    Take care. 🙂

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